About Me

April Uhlir is a professional designer motivated by a passion for elegant, functional modernism. She offers a wide scope of expertise in the visual arts with exceptional clarity and creativity. Adept at perceiving the big picture with a sense of luxury and style, she transforms abstract concepts into realized visual communication, successfully overseeing a myriad of details and challenges in the process.

Formally trained as a fine art curator (and later as an interior designer), April followed her passion for the arts into graphic design and began a career in book publishing before designing logos and menus for new restaurants. She soon broadened her scope to incorporate environmental design, signage, and interiors.

In every capacity, she is able to provide a high level of enthusiasm for implementing innovative solutions and customizing the creative process to fit each unique project with thoughtful consideration. She has proven experience designing all types of brand and environments. Her ability to visually translate the client’s information is at the foundation of her skill set.