Office Lobby Wall Sculpture

Design of wall sculpture and corporate logo for Equity International in Chicago. The 36 foot structure of sculpted wood and etched glass was designed, engineered, built and installed on a wall in the main entry area of Equity’s corporate headquarters, so that it is the first thing seen upon entrance into the office. The art piece is intended to make a statement that reflects the culture of the company. The logo was cast in bronze and mounted to the face of the wall. My responsibilities as a designer were extended to include project management activities, such as supervising the engineer, builder, woodworker, glass maker, finisher and sign maker throughout the construction process.

The textured, sculpted, bronzed wood elements were designed and engineered to ‘float’ over panels of etched glass, which also appear to float away from the wall. The etched glass panels absorb light, adding illumination to an otherwise dark hallway which welcomes and leads the visitor into the reception area.